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Renewed Resilience 

Bounce back for recovery!

Recovery coaching for long term recovery. 

Long-term substance recovery is a journey that requires not only determination but also support and guidance. One valuable resource in this journey is Renewed Resilience recovery coaching. 


Renewed Resilience will provide you with the necessary tools, support, and education to maintain the sobriety you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 


Together, we will explore what your future in recovery can look like. In this recovery program you’ll find an emphasis on the support, education, accountability, and personal growth needed for a successful path to a long term sober life.


Johanna Ott

Alcohol and Drug-certified 

Master Trainer of Resilience 

Support & Accountability

One of the fundamental benefits of Renewed Resilience recovery coaching is the unwavering support it offers individuals in recovery. Many individuals who have struggled with addiction have lost the strong support system they so desperately need; Renewed Resilience recovery coaching can fill this gap. 


Throughout your time in the program, I will serve as your mentor and ally, providing you with encouragement and motivation throughout the process.


The weekly group accountability meetings will help you to remain focused on your recovery goals. 

My programs will help you set achievable milestones and collaboratively create personalized recovery plans. Through check-ins and goal tracking in the weekly group meetings, the Renewed Resilience recovery coaching program encourages you to stay on the path to successful and sustainable sobriety. This accountability will help you develop discipline and responsibility, essential skills for long-term recovery.

Education & Skill Building

The Renewed Resilience recovery coaching program is not just about emotional support; it also provides valuable education and skill-building opportunities. Substance use disorders often coexist with various life challenges, such as employment issues, legal problems, or damaged relationships. I help clients address these issues by offering practical guidance, helpful resources, and the skills to solve the problems created by the life in active substance abuse. 


Additionally, you will learn more about addiction, its triggers, and the science behind recovery. This knowledge will empower you to understand the nature of addiction and will better equip you with the tools to make informed decisions. Education is a powerful tool in recovery because it helps individuals recognize potential pitfalls and navigate them successfully.

Personal Growth and Transformation

Perhaps the most profound benefit of this recovery coaching  program is the potential for personal growth and transformation. Sobriety is not merely the absence of substance use; it is a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and building the life that addiction stole from you. You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your life goals.


As you progress in your recovery journey, you will find your personal purpose and be given the tools to create the structure that will support your transformational growth. 


You can rebuild damaged relationships, advance in the career you’ve always wanted, and rediscover your passions and interests.


Renewed Resilience facilitates transformation and leads you to a richer and more fulfilling life in sobriety.

Renewed Resilience is a valuable resource for individuals wanting to remain in life long substance recovery. This program provides the essential elements of support, education, and personal growth necessary for sustained sobriety. 


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